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Traffic Lights Lighting Controller

Traffic Lights Lighting Controller

$ 149.99
This lighting controller is powered either by connecting to the City Lights 2.0 module via the network cable included or used as an independent unit with the addition of a 12VAC, 1A wall transformer (sold separately). LEDs and lamps are not included and are sold separately.

Traffic Lights simulates an active street intersection scene. A micro controller supplies six outputs for red, yellow and green prototypical intersection traffic lights. Two additional outputs provide for a flashing emergency vehicle light and a roadway obstruction barrier flasher. In operation, traffic is controlled on a main street and a side street intersection. Two light fixtures (red, yellow and green) are used for main street traffic and likewise two fixtures are used for the side street. The lights change from green to yellow to red on one street to stop traffic while the colors change from red to green on the other street to start traffic. Appropriate signal delays are built in. Also, the main street light remains green longer than the side street to allow the busiest street more time to clear the intersection.

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