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Railway Prototype Cyclopedia Volume 33

Railway Prototype Cyclopedia Volume 33

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Pullman Heavyweight Sleeping Cars, Part 4
Softcover, 193 pages, all color photographs.
by Patrick C. Wider

Continuing an early RP CYC series covering American conventional heavyweight sleeping cars, the article describes the heavyweight sleeping cars built and modified by the Pullman Company over a span of forty-plus years. The article features nearly 400 spectacular Kodachrome photographs taken by the late Dick Kuelbs in the early 1960s around Dallas, Fort Worth, and New Orleans. The accompanying photo captions include a brief history of each car as well much useful modeling information obtained from Tom Madden’s magnum opus The Pullman Project website. In many cases, both sides of the same car are shown for modeling purposes. The article ends with a comprehensive bibliography pertaining to Pullman heavyweight sleeping cars. Dick’s all-color Kodachrome photos include cars lettered or decorated for A&WP, ACL, AT&SF, C&NW, CB&Q, CRI&P, D&RGW, DL&W, FW&D, IC, L&N, M-K-T, MP, NP, PRR, SAL, SL-SF, Southern, SP, T&P, UP, and, of course, Pullman (Pullman Green as well as two-tone grey). The photos are arranged in approximate alphabetical order covering Pullman sleepers Alpine Buttercupto Zephyr Tower and many in between. Virtually all of these photos have never been published before.


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