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Petroleum Distribution Tanks

$ 20.00

These Petroleum Distribution Tanks are prototypical of many that were found throughout the United States.


  • They are custom 3D printed using a Fixed Deposition Modeling (FDM) filament printer. 
  • They can be removed from the backings by pealing and using a hobby knife if needed. 
  • Sanding, filing, filling and painted will be required. 
  • The horizontal tanks are supplied with man portals that are printed with a 3D resin printer.  They are also supplied with piers.
  • Tichy or other staircases and/or grate platforms can be used if desired.
  • Tanks are sold and priced for a pair of tanks.


Horizontal tank  
  Approximately 35X94mm  10X26 HO feet.
  Piers  35X35X3.5 mm  10X10X1 HO feet.

Tichy Accessories
Staircase and Landings
Open Grate Platform with Handrails


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