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N Cape Cod House

N Cape Cod House

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The Walthers Cornerstone Cape Cod House is typical of homes constructed across the continent beginning in the mid-1950s and thousands are still in use today. This two-story frame house looks at home in neighborhood scenes as well as in older city neighborhoods. The easy-to-build Cape Cod House kit includes two different front walls and two styles of doors so you can add several to your neighborhood tract without repetition. The kit also comes with colorful printed window treatments and parts molded in appropriate colors.
As shown the finished model measures: 2-3/8 x 2 x 1-5/8" 
  • Typical North American suburban home design
  • Used coast to coast
  • Built beginning in the mid-1900s and still lived in today
  • Two different front walls and doors for easy customizing
  • Separate doors, windows and details
  • Easy-to-build plastic kit
  • Molded in appropriate colors plus clear window glazing

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