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Modern Loading Racks

Modern Loading Racks

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You'll find the prototypes for the Walthers Cornerstone HO Scale Modern Loading Racks at all kinds of industries that use top-loading railcars and trucks. Use them at refineries, chemical plants, grain handling facilities, food processors and more. This kit includes parts for four loading racks, catch basins (drip pads) and printed safety signs.  
  • Prototypes provide safe access to covered hoppers, tank cars and semi-trailers
  • Used at refineries, chemical plants, cement plants, grain handling facilities and more
  • Parts for four complete loading racks
  • Build as access, loading or unloading racks
  • Finely molded walkways, piping and catch basins
  • Printed safety signs
Each loading rack measures: 3-1/8 x 1-11/16 x 4" 

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