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Fire Suppression Building Details

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Many buildings have fire suppression systems and those systems have several outside components to assist the fire fighters in extinguishing fire. 

  • They are custom 3D printed using a DLP resin printer which gives extraordinary detail for the small size
  • They can be removed from the backings with sprue nippers or cutters
  • Sanding, filing, filling and painting may be required.  
  • These are not intended for children 3 years of age.
  • Several of these components can be mixed and matched in many of combinations to match the building you are modeling.
  • Larger buildings might have more than one suppression system either centrally located or located together in a cluster.



  • Fire Bells: These are the round, water powered, bells that are found on the outside of the building usually on the second story or above.  We have two different models. Most individual systems had one bell.
  • Siamese Connection:  This is the connector that allows two fire trucks to connect to the suppression system and provide additional water.  Systems can have one or more of these connections.
  • Post Indicator Valve:  These are used to control of water flow through the Siamese Connection.  They prototypes have a window that says either "Open" or "Off" so that the firefighter can easily see them.
  • Wall Post Indicator Valve:  These function the same as PIVs, but they mount to the building wall rather than being on a post coming up from the ground.
  • Outside Stem and Yolk (OS&Y) valve:  These are similar to PIVs and perform the same function.  But rather than the window, the use a stem in the center of the hand wheel to indicate water flow.  If the stem is out and visible then the valve is open. If the stem is inside, then the valve is off.  The models are designed to be mounted on 1mm rods to simulate water pipe and can be mounted on a wall or coming from the ground.

Starter Pack:  The starter pack contains 2 Siamese Connections and  2 Bells and one each of the Post Indicator Valve, Wall Post Indicator Valve and OS&Y valve.  This will be enough to complete two buildings in different configurations.



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