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Poehler Warehouse Doors and Windows

$ 4.00

These doors and windows are based on the freight doors at the old Theodore Poehler Grocery Warehouse in Lawrence Kansas, which is now the Poehler Loft Apartments.


  • They are custom 3D printed using a Fixed Deposition Modeling (FDM) filament printer. 
  • They can be removed from the backings by pealing and using a hobby knife if needed. 
  • Sanding, filing, filling and painted will be required.  They do not come with clear window panes.
  • The price is for 2 windows or doors.

Approximate Dimensions:

Window     Actual: 26X35mm     HO Scale: 7.4X10 foot

Door          Actual:  28X34mm    HO Scale: 8X10 foot




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