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Weld Shop Lighting Controller

Weld Shop Lighting Controller

$ 149.99
This lighting controller is powered either by connecting to the City Lights 2.0 module via the network cable included or used as an independent unit with the addition of a 12VAC, 1A wall transformer (sold separately). LEDs and lamps are not included and are sold separately.

Weld Shop simulates an active welding scene. A micro controller supplies sophisticated light control functions for five independent arc welders, a flashing warning light, a welding room light and an office light. In operation, the welding room light comes on and then the flashing warning light and the five welders burn and strike flashing arcs. Simulating a break for the crew, the welding stops and the warning and work room lights go off and the office area light comes on. After the break, the work room light and the warning light comes on and the welding begins again. The sequence repeats with random work times and breaks.

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