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Night Shift Lighting Controller

Night Shift Lighting Controller

$ 99.99
This lighting controller provides eight additional signals that enhance layout lighting when connected to the City Lights 2.0 module. The unit is designed to work exclusively with the City Lights 2.0 module. The unit includes a micro controller circuit board, plug-in communications cable to the City Lights 2.0 master board and complete instructions. The unit powers and sequences LEDs (with added resistors) and 12V lamps . An optional on-off switch can added to the unit. LEDs and lamps are not included and are sold separately.

The Night Shift signals slowly sequence on beginning at night and continue to cycle on and off randomly until day. At day break all go off and remain off through twilight. Applications for these signals are factories, houses, apartment rooms, saloons and other night time establishments. The sequence of the Night Shift signals are different than the other Lighting Controllers by Doc's Caboose.

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