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Kadee HO Whisker Couplers

Kadee HO Whisker Couplers

$ 5.99
Kadee HO Scale Whisker Couplers
The “WHISKER® ” coupler is a Metal coupler with a “built in” centering spring and will drop into most “standard” draft gear boxes. The coupler will match the length and height of Kadee's corresponding couplers. This coupler has the same reliable Magne-Matic® and Delayed Action operational features as Kadee's other couplers and will function with all of Kadee's HO permanent and electric, magnetic uncouplers. The “WHISKER® ” centering spring is a thin wire protruding at a “V” angle forward from the pivoting hole at the end of the shank. Because the wire spring is cut by a machine the tips might be sharp and CAUTION must be taken when handling the coupler.

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