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Western Auto Sign Frame

$ 14.00

The Western Auto sign on the former headquarters building in Kansas City Missouri is a local landmark that many people enjoy adding to their layout.

Miller Engineering makes a really nice Western Auto sign that actually lights up and has 40 different flashing patterns.  However, their sign frame is not as prototypical as I desired, so I created my own.

This is now offered to you for your layout as well!

The 3D printed parts contain 7 individual pieces that can be glued together into one sign frame.35X70mm and the sign is approximately 85x80mm.


  • They are custom 3D printed using a Fixed Deposition Modeling (FDM) filament printer. 
  • They can be removed from the backings by pealing and using a hobby knife if needed. 
  • Sanding, filing, filling and painted will be required.  They do not come with clear window panes.
  • The price is for 2 windows or doors.


You will need both the Sign and 3D printed parts to complete the model as pictured.

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