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The Burlington Route in Focus

The Burlington Route in Focus

$ 29.95

The Granger Country Photography
of Russell Lee & Esther Bubley
By James J. Reisdorff and Michael M. Bartels

Railroads stir commerce and profoundly impact business, but they also shape communities. The management of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad was acutely aware of the impact their railroad had on the region it served. In 1948 the CB&Q commissioned professional photojournalists Russell Lee and Esther Bubley to document the influence of the Burlington Route on the communities it traversed. This book features some of the best black and white photography from that project. It takes readers on a journey around the post-World War II Burlington system, taking a look at the era when CB&Q was transitioning from steam power to diesels and Zephyr streamliners. This title is a joint collaboration between South Platte Press and the Garbely Publishing Company. Softcover, 104 pages, 103 black & white illustrations.

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