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MRC Tech 6 Sound Controller

MRC Tech 6 Sound Controller

$ 289.98
The Tech 6 combines MRC's legendary power pack technology, reliability & control, with our world beating BlackBox”. Operate either Analog DC / Blue Line locos, or fully functional dual-mode sound decoder-equipped locos, or any DCC decoder equipped loco.

Nothing short of a miracle
Many DC railroaders have a nice collection of DC locomotives. And while they’d love to have onboard sound, in a lot of cases they’re not ready to switch to DCC, to make it happen. With MRC’s Tech 6 Sound Controller 6.0, they don’t have to switch. Simply buy a sound decoder equipped loco or two, and the Tech 6 will access all the onboard sounds… and it’ll still run the DC locos as well. Truly amazing!

Control up to six locos
This powerful six amp unit, with its versatile walk-around, will control one standard DC loco or six fully functional, sound decoder equipped locos at one time. Best of all, the Tech 6 allows the hobbyist to enjoy all the sound advantages that until now were only available to the DCC crowd.

Experience the full range of onboard sounds
The DC railroader is no longer limited to simple chuffs, or awkwardly flipping direction switches just to activate a bell or whistle. With this incredibly advanced DC train control, the railroader will enjoy as many of the 28 NMRA sounds (and lighting functions) that the sound decoder equipped loco has to offer. Just call them up with the touch of a button on the easy to use walk-around controller. The digital display tells you everything you need to know and MRC's engineers made it so simple to operate... the basic instructions are actually printed on the back of the walkaround.

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